My husband recently started driving for Arnold. He did orientation and then was sent with his first load.

There were 2 stops. No one bothered to make the appointment (even though he was told there was on) and he sat at the first stop from 11 to 3. Still managed to get the second stop because it was set for 4. We checked his messages on-line and there was no pre-plan for the following day.

Checked again in the morning, nothing. They called him at 10 AM and wanted him to drive 4 hours to pick up a load, and it had to be right now. He left (even though we made plans because there was no load scheduled) and then truck broke down 3 miles from pick up location. That was 3 PM on Saturday.

They let him sit in the office in Grand Prairie until 10 PM when they finally got him a hotel room. The next day they told him they could not get the part ti fix the truck. Again, stuck there. But they did not cover the hotel, he paid for it himself.

Monday morning he is at their Grand Prairie locations. His dispatcher, who knew how long my husband had been there, let him sit around for hours (again!) and when my husband tried to reach him, the dispatcher was at lunch. Soooo this *** knows my hubby has been stuck there, away from his family with no vehicle to get around, at this point for almost 48 hours. Do you think he offered to get my husband any lunch?

*** no!! They finally tell him around 2:30 that they are getting him another truck to drive. By 5:00 that still had NOT happened. And gyuess what that lowly creature (his dispatcher) did?

He left for the day! I drove 4 hours after work to go get my husband. When I arrived there at 10 PM, he had still not been given a truck, nor did anyone ask if he needed anything. If I had not gone to get him, he would have sat allnight at there offices.

This is absolutely no way to treat a person!!

Would I recommend Arnold? LOL What do you think?

Reason of review: Bad treatment of drivers.

I didn't like: Treat drivers poorly.

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